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The Heavy Vehicles − Trucks course prepares students for the RTA Driving Test, enabling them to get a Dubai Driving License category 4. Students completing this course and passing the RTA Driving Tests are licensed to drive Heavy trucks. Heavy Truck criteria- Weight should be more than 2.5 tons

E-Learning facility is available for this course

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Course Details:

  •   Minimum age for registration is 20yrs
  •   Students do not currently have to possess an LMV driving license to register for HMV training
  •   All HMV registrations are for a mandatory minimum of 20 hours plus 8 theory lectures (Go to lecture details)
  •   Students who do not currently have an LMV driving license from their own country must be trained in the basic control of LMV (Curriculum subjects 1.07 – 1.12) off road before driving HMV.
  •   Students who have already failed the final RTA road test at another institute may register for a minimum of 4 hours.
  •   Any student transferring in from another institute will be required to take an evaluation test if there has been a gap of more than 60 days since their last class.
  •   All training is carried out in manual vehicles so there is no option to register for automatic transmission.


  •   Yard Test (manoeuvres/ internal assessment) and Initial Driving Assessment Test (internal) (Go to test details)
  •   RTA Yard Test
  •   Articulated truck training
  •   RTA Final Road Test
  •   Minimum 1 hour night training

Medical requirements:

Effective 12/05/2013 Heavy bus drivers are required to do the following to obtain a driving license and permit:

  •   Attend for a medical fitness examination at an RTA approved medical centre (See list of approved centres)
  •   After passing the required tests and receiving the license obtain a commercial driving permit at a cost of AED110


  •   Those people who have a full, valid driving license from the 33 recognised countries (See details) can directly transfer their license at any RTA Office on production of the necessary documentation and fee.
  •   People who have a valid UAE driving license from any emirate other than Dubai must transfer their driving file to Dubai RTA before opening a file in Dubai for any other vehicle category.
  •   People who have any traffic fine against their name will not be able to open a file without first clearing that fine.

List of approved medical centers:

Name Phone
DHA Medical Fitness Services 04-5022621
Canadian Specialist Hospital 04-7072222
DM Healthcare LLC 04-4546001
Gulf Healthcare International 04-2233324
Iranian Hospital Dubai 04-3440250
Prime Healthcare Group LLC 04-2720720
Zulekha Hospital 04-2678866

Lectures for Heavy Motor Vehicle Truck

All students who register for LMV/HMVMC Training Course must complete mandatory theory training. This can be done through our state of the art E-Learning Platform or through classroom lectures, which are available at our main branches

Please note that all students must bring their Registration Card, RTA Training Book and Learning Permit to each lecture.


  •   Lecture 1 : Attitude and Responsibilities of the Driver
  •   Lecture 2 : Knowledge of Traffic Rules and Regulations
  •   Lecture 3 : Characteristics of Road Users
  •   Lecture 4 : Driver Condition
  •   Lecture 5 : The Driving Environment
  •   Lecture 6 : Driving on Freeways, Traffic Violations & Route Planning
  •   Lecture 7 : Hazard perception training
  •   Lecture 8: Traffic Accidents, Case Studies & What to do in an Accident
  •   Lecture 9: Articulated vehicles (Truck only)

Rules of Attendance

  •   Please ensure that you have completed E-Learning or attended lectures before booking your RTA Theory Test
  •   If you will be absent from a lecture, please give 48 hours notice
  •   Ensure payments for training and tests are made in good time to avoid unnecessary issues.

Required Registration Documents

For a Beginner

  •   1 passport copy with valid Dubai residence visa*
  •   Original Emirates ID with a copy
  •   Eye test report (It can be completed at Dubai Driving Center Head Office / Alqusais / Al khail / Dip 2)
  •   Age can be 20yrs or over

For students who are Emiratis

  •   Original Emirates ID card
  •   Eye test report (Eye test can be completed at DDC Head Office / AL Qusais / Al khail / Dip 2)
  •   Age can be 20yrs or over

For Valid GCC license holders

  •   1 passport copy with valid Dubai residence visa*
  •   Emirates ID card or a report of ID card transaction
  •   Eye test report (It can be completed at DDC Head Office / Alqusais / Al khail / Dip 2)
  •   Original license and copy
  •   Age must be 20yrs or over

For people with visas from other emirates

  •   Passport copies with valid Dubai residence visa
  •   Original Emirates ID card with a copy
  •   Eye test report (Eye test can be completed at DDC Head Office / Al Qusais / Al khail / Dip 2)
  •   Trade License copy of Both Dubai and VISA Owned emirates is required (Trade license name should be same)
  •   Age must be 20yrs or over
  •   NOC Letter from the Dubai Branch (stating applicant working in Dubai branch)

How To

  •   In case you do not hold a Dubai Visa, but have a valid visa from any other emirate, you can still register with Dubai Driving Center. You need to submit the following additional documents at the time of registration.
  •   For further clarification, please contact 04-3455855 extn-222 or e-mail enquiries@dcds123.ae
Name of Test Test Location Taken by When
Knowledge Test Port Rashid, Qusais, Al Barsha, Al Khail, DIP Main RTA Any time after completing theory training
Yard Test (4 internal Tests) Al Barsha, Al Khail, DIP Main DDC Immediately after completion of Stage 4 (Stage 4 can be completed any time after Stage 1)
Yard Test RTA Al Barsha, Al Khail, DIP Main RTA May only be conducted after passing the internal yard assessment
Initial Driving Assessment Test Al Barsha, Al Khail, DIP Main DDC Mandatory before taking RTA final test
Road Test Al Barsha, Al Khail, DIP Main RTA On completing the required number of classes and above tests.


You may be eligible to transfer your existing driving license, without having to take a driving test, if you have a valid driving license from some countries. You must be a citizen of the country with current resident status in UAE. The countries whose citizens can transfer their driving licenses are given below


Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, China, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Austria, Lativia.

Please note: Driving license holders of some countries in the above list will require translations or consulate letters. These countries include:

Canada: A letter from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai to verify that the license is genuine is required, before transferring your license.

Driving license holders from Greece, Canada, Poland, Turkey, Japan and South Korea will require a translation of their driving license from their respective consulates.

Fees & Documents Required

  •   Passport for residents (original & copy)
  •   Residence permit copy
  •   Current driving license (original & copy)
  •   Translation of driving license (for some countries)
  •   1 passport size photo
  •   Eye test certificate


Regular Training Timing Sunday Training Timing Night Training Timing
8:30am to 2:30pm & 3:30pm to 5:30pm 7:00am to 12:00pm & 2:00pm to 5:00pm 8:00pm to 11:00pm


Category Min Age Road Training Total Hours Regular Course Fees Sundays/Nights/Shifts Course Fees
Heavy Truck 20 20 28 160 4,810 220 5,950


File Opening Fees RTA Dubai Driving Center
Opening File (All Categories) 200 540
Learning Permit (Heavy Vehicle) 200
Knowledge Hand Book 50 ---
Theory Preparation Training(Per Hour) ---- 50
Knowledge Dirham 10 ----
Innovation Dirham 10 ----
Test Fees RTA Dubai Driving Center
Internal Test Fees 220 70
Knowledge Test (All Categories) 220 70
Final Test (All Categories) 220 70
Licence Issuance for More than 1 Year 320 100
Licence Issuance for 1 Year 120 100
Initial Driving Assessment Test (All Categories) ---- 100

All prices are in AED currency and excluding VAT*